Heavy Duty CNC Lathe 63Tons Load

Heavy Duty CNC Lathe 63Tons Load

Heavy Duty CNC Lathe 63Tons Load is a new series of heavy-duty CNC horizontal lathe developed by our company.

Heavy Duty CNC Lathe 63Tons Load is a new series of heavy-duty CNC horizontal lathe developed by our company.

It is a kind of mechatronics machine tool products, which is designed meticulously and integrates electrical, automatic control, hydraulic control, modern mechanical design and other precision manufacturing technologies. The machine tool is characterized by high dynamic and static rigidity, long service life, high processing efficiency, safe and reliable functions, convenient operation and beautiful appearance.

This series of machine tools are suitable for cutting tools such as high-speed steel, hard alloy steel, etc., for turning cylindrical, end face, slotting, cutting, boring, thread, surface and cone surface of shaft, cylinder and disk parts of black metal, non-metal and some non-metal.

The s-series machine bed adopts the whole four guide rails, and the drag board bed body adopts the steel inlaid structure. F series machine bed adopts split four guide, and drag bed body adopts hydrostatic guide structure.

The main drive of the machine tool is driven by a DC motor, which is changed in two gears to achieve the speed range of the spindle. the spindle box spindle is a cross-shaft structure, using high precision adjustable radial clearance of the double row short cylindrical roller bearing, through the optimized design of the larger spindle straight through and the best supporting span, improve the spindle rotary precision and dynamic and static stiffness. The flange type short taper shank structure is adopted on the spindle, which improves the connection rigidity between the spindle and the top.

The tool rest adopts ball screw laterally, high-precision rack and double-toothed rod clearance structure longitudinally, the large tool rest of S-series machine tool fits the horizontal shaft handle of feed box, and the large tool rest of F-series machine tool fits the vertical shaft handle of feed box. The driving precision of the tool rest is improved.

The tail seat is an integral box-shaped structure. The mandrel within the sleeve adopts double-row short cylindrical roller bearing with high precision and adjustable radial clearance. And equipped with hydraulic force measuring device. according to the requirements of users, can provide double tool frame, milling and boring device, grinding device, spindle indexing and feeding function, tool setting outside the machine. And so on.

The main drive and feed drive of C series heavy-duty horizontal lathe are of separated structure. The lathe is a heavy-duty horizontal lathe with numerical control function.

Workpiece Weight load


Guide type

2150/2150+auxiliary guideway

Tool post

Frame tool post, manual four station tool post, electrical four station tool post

Steady rest

It can be divided into two types: open type and closed type

Max swing dia over bed (mm)

2000 2500 3150

Max swing dia.over slide (mm)

1600 2000 2600

Chuck diameter (mm)

2000 2000 2500

Max turning length


Spindle front bearing dia (mm)


Spindle rotating speed

0.63-125r/min  0.5-100r/min 0.4-80r/min

Spindle center type

Short taper flange type 1: 4

Tool post longitudinal and transversal feed range


tool post longitudinal and transversal rapid movement speed


tailstock center type

Short taper flange type , 1: 4

Tailstock sleeve travel (mm)


Main motor power

DC125kW / DC132kW

CNC system

Siemens, Fanuc, KND

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