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After sales service commitment

In general, our machine warranty time is one year.

In order to make our products meet your satisfaction and confidence and strive for the first-class level of after-sales service, we hereby make the following after-sales service commitments to you:

1. You have enjoyed our warranty service since you received our machine tool. Under normal use conditions, our company will replace spare parts for you free within one year.

2. If the machine tool breaks down during the warranty period, please handle it according to the relevant provisions in the relevant precautions in the "operation manual". If the fault cannot be eliminated, please call or write to us. After receiving the notice, we will reply within 48 hours to assist your company to eliminate the fault in time and the machine tool operates normally.

3. After you purchase our products, if you need debugging, we will provide you with debugging services according to the contract, and the installation and debugging expenses are reflected in the business contract.

4. Faults caused by transportation, storage, power supply voltage, environmental problems or failure to operate according to the operating instructions are not within the scope of free warranty.

5. After the warranty expires, our company will repair or replace spare parts for you at the most favorable price. In any case, you will enjoy our lifelong service.