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Company Introduction

Dezhou Guanhua Machine tool Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. located in Dezhou, Shandong, is a professional manufacturer of deep hole drilling machine (gun drilling machine), deep hole boring machine, deep hole drilling and boring machine, deep hole honing machine, deep hole skiving roller and burnishing machine as well as their relative accessories, such as gun driller sharpen device, BTA deep hole indexable drill head, deep hole boring head, deep hole pressing head and so on. Our company can also offer the customized deep hole machine solutions according to the customers' requirement.

About our deep hole drilling machine (gun drilling machine) series, we can manufacture micro gun drilling machine, deep hole diameter is from 1.5mm to 10mm. The length-diameter ratio is 1: 150. The deep hole depth can be 2500mm. And normally deep hole diameter is from 3mm to 40mm. The CNC system, you can choose Chinese brand, like KND, GSK or you can also choose Faunc or Simenz. Our gun drilling machine is famous for high accuracy, good surface roughness and reasonable price.

About our deep hole boring machine series, some deep hole boring machines can drill also, like T2120, T2125, T2150 deep hole drilling & boring machines. This kind of deep hole drilling and boring machine are specially used for oil industry, coal industry and hydralic industry. If the workpiece is solid bar, drill the workpiece first and then bore it or trepanding it. If the workpiece is seamless tube, then you can use deep hole boring only. Our deep hole drilling and boring machines has manual type and CNC type. For blind hole and step holes, better choose the CNC types, so it can drill or bore the holes with higher accuracy, of course, if customer wants the economic model, manual type also can do the work.

Deep hole skiving roller and burning machine, this machine is an revolution in the hydraulic machining equipments area. It is mainly used for machining the hydralic cylinder holes, it is famous for high efficient and good surface result. So it is very popular in our market recently.

Deep hole honing machine is our mainly machine also. For the cool drawing steel tube, you can choose the deep hole honing machine to hone the deep holes.

In order to equips suitable deep hole machine tools for our customers, we have workshop to manufacture the cutting tools and accessories. So customer can inform the exactly deep hole diameter and workpiece dimension, we can provide the cutting tools and accessories to them accordingly.

Welcome to visit our factory. And thanks for choosing our deep hole machinery.