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How Is The Deep Hole Gun Drill Machine Used?
Apr 01, 2022

Deep hole drill is a drill used to process deep holes. When using deep hole drill, it needs to follow strict operation sequence, so as to make the machine tool and cutting tool play the greatest role and prolong the service life of the machine tool. Developing good operating habits for a long time plays a vital role in the stability of machine tools.


1. Before use, check the storage capacity of the coolant, turn on the spindle of the motor for cooling, ensure the normal circulation of the coolant, and check whether the tool needs to be grinded again.


2. The workpiece must be firmly clamped, and the principle of "solid, correct and flat" must be followed. It is strictly prohibited to process in the place where the material is suspended.


3. When clamping the tool, first clean the dust and sundries in the rotating collet, install the collet into the pressure cap and put it right, then install it on the motor spindle together, insert the tool into the collet, and finally pin the pressure cap. It is forbidden to use the push-pull method when loosening the pressing cap of the upper and lower knives, but the rotation method must be used. When removing the knife, first clean the pressure cap and the waste on the rotation, loosen the pressure cap and take off the knife, then unscrew the pressure cap and take out the clamp head.


4. During machining, cutting fluid and deep hole cutting oil must be injected into the cutting area.


5. During the drilling process, close observation is strictly prohibited, and the observation shall be through the observation window. If an abnormal state is found, turn off the motor spindle and make sure that the motor spindle no longer rotates, you can use the emergency braking button (red button).


6. During processing, pay attention to observe the chip output of the rear magnetic chip conveyor for timely judgment. Because the whole machining state is closed, the cutting parameters can be adjusted in time according to the scrap state.


7. Lubricate and scrub the machine tool 10 minutes before work every day. Confirm that the machine tool stops running, stop the machine tool at the specified position, turn off the power supply, and confirm that all switches have been disconnected before leaving.